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A Show of Hands now offers a guided Theatrical Performance Mentorship Program. This is a comprehensive program that develops, refines, and enhances your Sign Language skills through weekly mentoring sessions. Scripts, Musical CDs and Previews of the performances are provided. Theatrical Interpreting is a very unique art and has specific guidelines and commands a disciplined form of interpreting.

Through our partnership with a local theatre company, we offer training/mentoring to Interpreters who wish to learn the Art of Theatrical Interpreting. This can include Musicals, Plays, Concerts, Galas, Protests, Platform Interpreting, and Public Speaking Events. With the guidance of a Mentor, you will enjoy the opportunity to interpret live theatrical performances. You will learn how to gloss a script, rehearse, and be exposed to all of the nuances of the trade as related to the Art of Theatrical Interpreting

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Monique Savasta: Mentoring with A Show of Hands has had a profound impact on my interpreting skills. Having completed the Interpreter Preparation Program at American River College, I attended many of the workshops showcasing music and theatre presented by Angelene Fowler and Bobbie Jackson. Theatre and music have always been a part of my life, and I was very excited to to attend many of the shows they interpreted.

I was thrilled to learn about the Mentoring opportunity they offered, and joined the group eagerly, albeit concerned about my skills in such a medium. An amazing part of being in the group was the opportunity to work with certified and skilled Interpreters; but the best part was the feeling of the welcoming and safe environment they provide where skills are nurtured and new ideas are appreciated.

I never felt as if my contributions were unimportant; indeed, one of my favorite comments was the first time one of them said, “I like that! Im going to use it!” Within the Theatre Mentoring environment we utilize the same interpreting thought processes that we learned in school: researching, predicting, seeking equality of meaning, utilizing role shift, expansion, use of pronouns, space and classifiers, and so much more. But it all becomes larger in theatre, and a simple pronoun becomes honorific. Signs are larger, and sometimes one must become the character in the song or role to illustrate what is taking place. Teaming becomes significantly important: trusting your team to give you a sign when the environment is not perfect and sound systems are spotty.

Trust is an important component of A Show of Hands Mentoring. We mentees trust that we are in a safe environment where we can learn and receive constructive criticism in a positive manner from our Mentors. We are encouraged to question their modeling, which enhances our learning experience. We have all learned that much preparation is involved in interpreting a play and we are required to research the background of a play or words unfamiliar to us. Who would have thought that a lavalier is a very long necklace! Each of us brings our talents and experiences to the table. Each of us has our own style, and we are encouraged to grow and try new experiences and step outside of our comfort zones when we interpret a play.

Through an agreement with a local theatre, we have the opportunity to stand in front of a live audience, put our hands up and “get on with the show!” We do not become clones of our teachers, but we are encouraged to reach into ourselves and bring out our best ideas. Encouragement, a welcoming environment, stories of past shows, mistakes and successes, and hands-up practice showcase the mentoring offered by A Show of Hands. My favorite comment was hearing, “You made me proud. That was some of your best work. You are so dedicated.” It just does not get any better than that!

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